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Facial Redness Relief Kits

Dermatologist recommended products to calm facial redness from rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis using ingredients that are proven to give relief.

Chronic facial redness is common, and two of the leading causes are rosacea and facial seborrheic dermatitis (facial dandruff). I've treated thousands of dermatology patients with these conditions in over 24 years of practice. I've found that the best skin care ingredients for controlling their facial redness are pyrithione zinc and the combination of high concentration green tea antioxidants with caffeine. My Facial Redness Relief Kits contains the highest amounts available of these important ingredients in products that are soothing and non-irritating so your skin can heal. Both of my kits contain my Calming Zinc Bar Soap and one of my 2 favorite Replenix Green Tea with Caffeine Creams.

Why rosacea and seborrhea cause facial redness

When you have rosacea and/or facial seborrheic dermatitis, your pores have more pityrosporum yeast germs in them. If you have rosacea then we know that your pores may also have an increased number of demodex mites too. Everyone has some of these two 'germs' in their pores, but if you have rosacea and/or facial dandruff then your pores may be pretty crowded with these germs, which can cause your skin to be red and inflamed. In addition to causing facial redness, these germs sometimes play a role in causing pimples. The skin yeast can cause skin flaking along the sides of your nose, chin and in your eyebrows, too; it's often mistaken as 'dry skin' but it's really part of the inflammation that's making your skin red. Controlling these germs helps you heal your skin.

Why my Facial Redness Relief Kits work for the most common causes of facial redness

Both of my Facial Redness Relief Kits contain my Calming Zinc ® Soap. This beautiful, naturally made bar soap contains a full 2% pyrithione zinc to help control the number of these pityrosporum yeast germs. In my observation, it might even decrease the mites in your pores too. When my patients wash once or twice a day with Calming Zinc ® invariable their facial redness improves; there's less inflammation, fewer pimples and less flaky scale.

Calming Zinc ® Soap works because it contains pyrithione zinc, a medicated ingredient commonly used to treat dandruff. It's also a natural and handmade olive oil soap base that's rich in nature's anti-inflammatory ingredients including oats, calendula and shea butter. Because of the 'magic' of the natural soapmaking process called saponification, Calming Zinc ® Soap is effectively oil-free because the olive oil and shea butter are turned into soap and hydrating glycerin. This means I recommend it for my patients, too.

Stubborn facial redness often won't clear up fast enough or stay clear with soap alone, which is why I use the combination of Calming Zinc ® and one of the two highly effective Replenix Green Tea and Caffeine Creams. After washing your face with Calming Zinc ® Soap, apply one of my Replenix Creams and notice how instantly soothed your facial skin skin feels!

I've depended on Replenix CF Cream for years in my dermatology practice and for my own skin too. It's loaded with green tea polyphenol antioxidants; a full 500 cups of green tea antioxidants go into each ounce of cream. When mixed with caffeine the results are near miraculous for calming facial inflammation. A generous amount of hyaluronic acid completes the magic with its hydrating power. The new Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream contains everything in the original Replenix CF Cream, plus Resveretrol, the grape antioxidant, in a paraben free base. Both products work great and give you choices.

Quieting your facial inflammation allows your skin to heal and your redness to subside. I've never seen a more effective product combo for doing this than my Calming Zinc ® Soap and one of these two Replenix Creams. There are other green tea products that you can buy, some of which are even less expensive, but in my experience, none soothe this common skin problem like these two. Combined with Calming Zinc ® Soap, this is the best skin care treatment to get rid of facial redness. I use it for all my patients with facial redness, and if needed, I add prescription products on top of these two key skin care steps.

Facial Redness Relief Kit

Facial Redness Relief Kit | This kit includes Calming Zinc ® Soap and Replenix CF Cream | Price: $79.70
My Facial Redness Relief Kit contains the highest amounts of these important ingredients available in products that are soothing and non-irritating so your skin can heal.
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Facial Redness Relief Kit - Paraben Free with Resveratrol

Facial Redness Relief Kit - Paraben Free with Resveratrol | This kit contains Calming Zinc ® Bar Soap and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream | Price: $80.00
This is the same magical ingredient combination as my regular Facial Redness Relief Kit but now with the newest Replenix Cream containing resveratrol, the grape antioxidant, in a new paraben free cream base.
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