Update on My Alkaline Mediterranean Diet Plus Cardio Exercise and Detox Cleanse Program


This is my fight against my middle age bulge.

I’ve been blogging about my personal diet and exercise programs and want to update my readers on how they’re going.  I’m experimenting on myself, as usual.  I’m having good results and want to share what I’m learning.

My post holiday BMI shocker kicked me into a frenzy to send the new  belly fat packing; having my lifelong pear get joined by an apple, forming what I call a papple, isn’t something I’ll take lying down.

Diet Program

In a January blog post I outlined the Alkaline Mediterranean Diet that I created.  This is the diet I feel best on and have aimed for over the years.  Aiming doesn’t always mean I hit the mark so I fortified my resolve after the holidays when my BMI tipped up to 25.

On my Alkaline Mediterranean Diet, a minimum 60% of foods that are eaten should be alkaline forming foods and a maximum of 40 % of what I eat are acid forming foods.    This is a primarily vegetable and fruit based diet with low glycemic whole grains, lean meats and dairy, and some fish, nuts and oils. I’ve been good at making sure that  60% of my food is low calorie alkaline foods. I also limit the dairy, and protein food portions to 6 oz. serving sizes. I eat all the veggies and fruit I want.  I mostly keep the 40% acid foods healthy, low calorie choices.

The low glycemic, low calorie food choices went well for 5 weeks, steadily sending the papple packing. Valentine’s Day weekend was a bust, however, and for the next 2 weeks decedent gourmet foodie treats became my 40% acid forming foods. I was holding steady weight wise, but boy those foods are hard to kick once they make their way into my diet.  Chocolate, wine even a piece of a lemon tart-argh!

Time for an intervention.  To reset my metabolism for weight loss I decided to use my March week off to do another detox cleansing fast. A detox cleanse also quickly fixes my food driven musculoskeletal aches and pains.   Bodies however have inherent alarm bells that go off when calorie intake falls below calorie usage; a primitive survival mechanism held over from the days of famines, obsolete and not useful in our modern land of abundance.

During the first day of a cleanse my body always complains. I’m hungry and fantasizing about foods. By day 2 I’m in the groove.  Belly fat obviously melts on a cleansing fast, and at day 4, melting it is.  I feel great, pain is just about gone, and Iplan to keep it up for 7 days this time.  After 7 days I’ll taper off the cleanse by slowly going back to the Alkaline Mediterranean diet.

A detox cleansing fast isn’t for everyone.  Anyone in fragile health or with a tendency for diabetes or other metabolic diseases needs to do this under their doctor’s supervision.  There are a number of residential programs that help people do a cleanse. I don’t have time for that so I created my own program and integrated it into my life.  Patients ask me about it so I posted my program in my blog.


Adding 150 minutes of cardio per week back to my life boosted my vitality and kept me loosing belly fat in spite of the Valentines diet slide. I added three 50 minute cardio workouts a week to my 4.5 hours of yoga and 3 hours of ballroom dance.  This made a huge difference to  shrinking the papple as well as to my overall quality of being.

Consistent cardio exercise, done every week is a must for anyone working on maintaining good health.  I’ve done regular cardio my entire life until last year when my back forced me to quit my cardio dance class.  I never filled the cardio void and this probably has something to do with the appearance of the papple.

I’m not pushing myself with the cardio while on the cleansing fast.  I do a power walk every other day and continue with yoga, but the spinning and swimming will wait a week.


My do-it-yourself physical health rehab program.

Created by a doctor and aimed at the middle age obesity and  belly fat that’s become an American way of life.

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2 Responses to “Update on My Alkaline Mediterranean Diet Plus Cardio Exercise and Detox Cleanse Program”

  1. Ida March 5, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    I’ve been reading about your Akaline Mediterranean Diet and I really need to get back on track with it. That’s usually how I eat, and I’ve gone astray due to all the stress in my life. I need to get back and focus on eating in this manner and upping my cardio. I used to teach 4 step and sculpt classes a week for the past 22 years, as a part time fun job. And a year ago the club I taught at closed, now I only teach one class a week and hike on Saturdays, this is just not enough, for me. Sometimes I walk during the week at work, but not lately.You’ve inspired me to get back on track in spite of all my stress, thank you. We’ve traveled to Greece twice in the past 6 years and each time I ate everything I wanted , walked a lot and always came home 10 pounds lighter….I believe in this plan. Thank you.

  2. Cynthia March 7, 2010 at 10:46 am #

    I love hearing that the lifestyle you have in Greece is perfect for your body. That’s the trick, creating that in our lives here at home. A lot of vacations cause weight gain and require us to ‘get back on track’ afterwords. It’s fascinating that vacationing WITH the authentic Mediterranean diet is like going to a health spa.

    It’s really important to also emphasize eating the low glycemic foods that are also alkaline. Almost all alkaline foods are low glycemic except potatoes. I’ve been investigating the scientific literature regarding belly fat and what’ I’ve found is that high glycemic load meals are very belly fat forming. Belly fat is not like our other fat, it secretes hormones and other things that cause many of the diseases we suffer from. I’ll be adding a blog post on that soon.

    The glycemic and alkaline dietary issues shed light on how wheat should only be a small part of our diets, not a big part. That even goes for whole wheat. Many people think bread, pizza and pasta are healthy and that they belong in the base of the Mediterranean Food Pyramid. Unfortunately, wheat is both alkaline forming and has a pretty high glycemic level. In the authentic Mediterranean Pyramid, wheat based foods are not eaten in huge amounts. We need to limit our wheat based foods for our ultimate health. The wheat based foods we eat should of course be whole grain, but they should be an embellishment to a meal, not form the foundation of it. That means a pasta dist should have more other stuff that pasta etc. or be a small appetizer course not the main dish.

    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.
    Warm Regards,
    Cynthia B