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Chapped Lips facial skin care

Got Chapped Lips? Skin Care Tips for the Coming Winter

Got Chapped Lips? This week we are starting a miniseries of Dr. Bailey’s new skin advice pages featuring her “Skin Care Advice by Skin Types.” We will start off with a “chapped lips” review for the coming winter season. As summer comes to a close and the cold weather settles in, you may start to […]

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breast cancer awareness month Cancerary

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kickoff

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Kickoff If you don’t already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a cause that is important to us here at Dr. Bailey Skin Care. Over a year ago, Dr. Bailey informed the team and – later her readers - that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and that […]

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Best Fall Skin Care

Helpful Summer to Fall Skin Care Transition Guide

As the seasons change, you need to make a summer to fall skin care transition. There are two big changes to make in your skin care in the fall. The first is to start an anti-aging skin care program in earnest ASAP. The second is to protect your skin hydration before winter chapping and dryness […]

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5 tips

What’s the Best Skin Care to Fade Sunspots?

  There are three main types of skin care products to control, lighten, and get rid of sunspots. Use them all and you will get the best results. Your three main types of products to fade sunspots should include: Exfoliating products that remove existing skin pigment in your sunspots. Products that turn down skin pigment production to […]

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breast cancer awareness month Cancerary

Gratitude for My 12-Month Cancerversary

Dear Readers, This week marks the 1-year anniversary of my diagnosis of breast cancer (my cancerversary, if you will). I have so much to be grateful for, including the support of my web community, my patients, the doctors who have come in to help take care of my patients, my staff, my friends, my family, […]

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Best Retinol Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Retinoids are quite possibly the best “fountain of youth” skin care ingredient second only to sunscreen. In my opinion as a dermatologist, retinoids really are worth adding to your skin care routine if you are serious about wanting the best anti-aging skin care. But, if you have sensitive skin you need to choose your retinoid carefully. […]

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