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skin care for sensitive skin

Common Skin Problems for Moms and Families With Sensitive Skin

If your family has sensitive skin, you need to be especially careful about the skin care products that are stocked in the household. I’m a dermatologist and mother and in my household, we all have sensitive skin.  I’m careful about the skin care products that are in every bathroom and next to every sink in [...]

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Best Under Eye Treatments including Retinol: Find It Again Friday

Have you tried countless skin care products to fix the dark circles or bags under your eyes, but found nothing seems to work? Are you at the point of considering surgery to fix your under-eye issues? Waking up to find dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes almost seems like an omen for the rest [...]

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Skin Complexion: Top 3 Tips

What choices should you make that will have the biggest impact on your skin complexion this year? You’re bombarded with advice in the media, but what are the best things to do for your complexion? Here are dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s top three tips that will have the biggest impact on your complexion – focus [...]

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Ask a dermatologist a question about skin care on the internet

Skin Care Creams and Serums: How Do You Layer?

How Do You Layer Skin Care Creams and Serums? Dear Dr. Bailey, I love to read your blogs! Thank you for all the information you provide for us! I have an issue with how to apply moisturizer too…now my question is, how can you do this when you also have to apply serums like Hyaluronic [...]

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sunscreen for teens

Sunscreen for Teens: How Do You Get Teens to Wear Sunscreen?

What’s the most motivating information you can discuss with the teenagers you love to get them to wear sunscreen every day? Wouldn’t you think that a discussion about skin cancer, death, surgery, and scars would do the trick?   Actually, nope! The threat of wrinkles, age spots, and old-looking skin is what will motivate your teens [...]

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Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care: Best Products for Busy Moms

Multitasking natural skin care products are big time savers for busy moms. The problem with most multipurpose skin care products is that they compromise results.   For example, I’ve never found a shampoo-conditioner or a body wash-skin moisturizer that ever did either job even remotely well by my criteria. It’s that “jack of all trades, [...]

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