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Men: Embarrassing Grooming Questions Answered

As a dermatologist, I treat a lot of male patients here at Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Physicians. Through my more than 25 years of practicing dermatology, I’ve found that the top two embarrassing complexion flaws that my male patients request treatment for are: “Broken” capillaries around the nose and cheeks. Facial redness and dry-appearing […]

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How Often Should You Reapply Mineral Zinc Oxide Sunscreen?

  Hello Dr. Bailey, You have the BEST information on your website, and I have learned a lot from your blogs. Thanks so much for writing them! I have recently purchased the Citrix SPF 40 sunscreen. It is the first zinc oxide sunscreen I’ve found that doesn’t turn my face ghost white! I have read […]

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3 Biggest Myths about Sunscreen

When it comes to sunscreen, there is a lot of conflicting information available. From media to so-called experts, it seems as though someone is always touting a new sunscreen wonder to ensure sun protection. It can be confusing and absolutely exhausting to try to discern the good information from the fluff! Have you been hoodwinked […]

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Healthy Habits to Teach Kids

It’s that time of year again where your kids are heading back to school or are already in school. Besides learning the regular course curriculum, one of the most important topics to teach kids is how to maintain their health at the same time they are balancing important responsibilities – like school! We know this […]

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Get Your Summer Skin Care Fixes with Our Big Sale!

How does your skin look now that summer is in full swing? Do you feel like your face looks greasy in the heat with your sunscreen? Is your self-tanner leaving streaks and freckling on your skin? Are you worried that your face is getting too much sun and that wrinkles are around the corner? You […]

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Dr. Bailey’s Top 5 Beauty Picks for that Warm, Summer Glow

Summer skin care should have your skin looking smooth and sun-kissed, but without the sun. Summer is also about unwinding, so your skin care routine needs to be carefree and simple too. Fortunately, you can have it all with the top summer beauty must-haves, including an elegant sunscreen matched to skin type, a slightly tanner shade […]

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