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Healthy Habits To Teach Kids

It’s that time of year again where your kids are heading back to school or already in school. Besides learning the regular course curriculum, one of the most important topics to teach kids is how to maintain their health at the same time they are balancing important responsibilities – like school!!! We know this can […]

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Brighten Someone’s Day with #RandomActsofRetail

In this busy and often impersonal modern age in which we live, it seems like acts of kindness are rare. It’s sad, but true. No, I’m not saying that people are insensitive or cruel, but in our defense, we’re all so busy and often never see the face of someone we interact with or how […]

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Health Awareness Fatigue? 3 Ways to Reconnect

The month of August holds the distinction of several awareness campaigns, Psoriasis Awareness being one. Next month staggers under the weight of 10. And that doesn’t include the ones without “awareness” in the title. What’s with all the awareness campaigns? It might feel like every week there’s a different awareness popping up, one more disease […]

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New Advances in Rosacea

In the last year, two new advances in our treatment and understanding of rosacea have occurred that I am excited to share. For those of us who have spent our professional lifetime treating rosacea, it’s really satisfying to see pieces of the enigmatic rosacea puzzle come together. Genetics The first exciting rosacea puzzle piece is […]

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What NOT to Say to Someone Going through Menopause

I love the topic of menopause even though I have a personal love-hate relationship with it. I’m a post-menopausal dermatologist who has been blessed with the pleasure of enjoying the descending hormone ride twice, the first with my own natural menopause and the second with a surgical encore thanks to my BRCA gene mutation revelation at […]

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Get Your Summer Skin Care Fixes with Our Big Sale!

How does your skin look now that summer is in full swing? Do you feel like your face looks greasy in the heat with your sunscreen? Is your self-tanner leaving streaks and freckling on your skin? Are you worried that your face is getting too much sun and that wrinkles are around the corner? You […]

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