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How to Treat Dry Nose for Chemo during the Holidays

Do you suffer from an itchy and dry nose? Do you know how to treat dry skin on your body but not your nose? Winter weather does not only dry and chap our hands, but it can also dry the skin inside your nose. Additionally, chemotherapy treatments have a tendency to cause dry nose intensifying […]

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From the Aesthetician: Makeup Tips for Any Age

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what type of skin you have, if your skin is hydrated and polished, the skin will be in the perfect condition to apply your makeup. Here are some tips broken down according to age group: 15-20 Years of Age At this stage in life, many different hormones go […]

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Botox: The White Knight in the War on Wrinkles

Botox is our strongest weapon for those unwanted wrinkles you dislike the most.  Years and years of facial expressions – both good (smiles) and bad (frowns) – leave lines etched into our skin. The deeper these wrinkles become, the harder they are to treat. Eventually, these wrinkles become permanently etched into your skin. No one wants […]

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The Most Common Form of Skin Cancer & What You Can Do about It

As unfortunate as it is, you likely know someone who currently has or has had skin cancer. Chances are, it’s been Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), which is the most common type of skin cancer. Here in our Northern California Dermatology office, we see a lot of people who have basal cell carcinoma. What is basal cell […]

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The Truth about Laser Treatment and Acne

Do you suffer from embarrassing acne scars? Almost everyone gets acne at some point in their life. Unfortunately, some people have had such severe acne that they’ve been left with disfiguring scarring. At Advanced Skin Care & Dermatology Physicians, our doctors are passionate about and committed to making your skin look the best it can […]

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Dr. Bailey’s Guide to Eating Healthy for Beautiful Skin

Fact: Your complexion and your appearance reflect what you eat – for better or for worse. The secret to eating your way into beautiful skin is to build a foundation of healthy eating – like the foundation of a building or the base of a pyramid. When the foundation of your daily diet is healthy, […]

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