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Dr. Bailey Featured on How to be a Redhead Blog

Dr. Bailey was recently featured on one of her favorite blogs: How to be a Redhead. In the article, “You’ll Never Guess: The (Other) Best Natural Sunburn Remedy,” Dr. Bailey shares tips for natural skin care remedies for sunburns beyond aloe vera use. The secret ingredient for a natural sunburn remedy: CUCUMBERS!!! Before providing advice […]

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Intertrigo Prevention and Skin Care Tips

What Is Intertrigo? It is a red rash that develops in the skin folds. Generally, intertrigo will be found in deep folds, such those as under the breast, on the stomach, and in the arm pits. As Dr. Bailey explains in her blog post, Intertrigo: A Red Rash in the Skin Folds, the aspects of […]

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summer foot care for rough feet

Helpful Foot Skin Care Tips for Summer

In these dog days of summer your “go-to” shoe is probably a pair of sandals or flip flops. I know mine is! You’re seeing your feet more than any other time of the year. Are your feet baby soft and attractive? Or, are they scaly and rough? If they are rough and scaly, do you […]

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Beauty Sleep for Glowing and Healthy Skin: Find It Again Friday

Beauty Sleep for Glowing and Healthy Skin: Find It Again Friday

Do you average a full night of sleep for most days during a week? If you don’t, have you noticed the effects of your sleep deprivation? After pulling three all-nighters to study for various nursing school exams, I could see the results of my poor sleep on my face: I was breaking out, dark circles […]

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Join us for…Advanced Skin Care & Dermatology Patient Appreciation Event

Thursday August 14th, 5pm – 7pm in our Sebastopol Office located at 7064 Corline Ct, Ste C, Sebastopol, California. It’s that quiet time of summer and a great time for a get-together, a chance for us to say thank you to our patients, share our gratitude for Dr. Bailey’s recovery and welcome our new doctors […]

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Chemotherapy Skin Problems – Preventing Skin Infections

Staying healthy is really important when you are on chemotherapy. One of the biggest – and most preventable – health problems for us chemo patients are skin infections. The skin is our biggest organ and it’s exposed to the outside world that is full of germs. As a dermatologist, I know that skin infections can […]

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