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Best Fall Skin Care

Helpful Summer to Fall Skin Care Transition Guide

As the seasons change, you need to make a summer to fall skin care transition. There are two big changes to make in your skin care in the fall. The first is to start an anti-aging skin care program in earnest ASAP. The second is to protect your skin hydration before winter chapping and dryness […]

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Toolbox

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment Toolbox

What is Sebaceous Hyperplasia? Sebaceous Hyperplasia is a frustrating skin condition of your oil glands that results in benign overgrowths called sebaceous hyperplasia papules. Often associated with rosacea, the actual cause of this overgrowth of your oil glands is still unknown. As Dr. Bailey explains in her original blog post “Dermatologist Tips to Treat Sebaceous […]

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5 tips

What’s the Best Skin Care to Fade Sunspots?

  There are three main types of skin care products to control, lighten, and get rid of sunspots. Use them all and you will get the best results. Your three main types of products to fade sunspots should include: Exfoliating products that remove existing skin pigment in your sunspots. Products that turn down skin pigment production to […]

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Best summer skin care for smooth skin

Fall Skin Care Tips and Changes

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to switch to your fall skin care routine. In her blog post, “The 8 Best End-of-Summer Skin Care Tips,” Dr. Bailey explains: Your skin changes with the seasons and your skin care should too. During the fall, most people want to focus on getting their skin in shape […]

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How Can You Get Rid of Skin Sun Spots?

  Skin sun spots, also called solar lentigines (solar lentigo if it is just one spot) are common. In my dermatology practice, I am asked every day by my patients to help them fade or get rid of their unwanted sun spots. There are a number of “tricks” and tips that we use to do […]

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Bumps Under the Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Bumps Under the Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Among the many skin nuisances are tiny bumps under the eyes. These pesky bumps can be hard to remove depending on the cause. Considering how important eye contact is for interactions, it can add stress to this already frustrating issue. Dr. Bailey addresses this problem when she tackles a readers question regarding bumps under the eyes […]

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