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Acne Treatment 411: Back to School Edition

Acne Treatment 411: Back to School Edition

Back to School Acne Treatment It’s that time of year again where teens and college students are heading back to school or already have started the first few weeks of school. As if students don’t have enough stress when heading back to school, acne is an additional stress for many students. If you are a student […]

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Intertrigo Prevention and Skin Care Tips

What Is Intertrigo? It is a red rash that develops in the skin folds. Generally, intertrigo will be found in deep folds, such those as under the breast, on the stomach, and in the arm pits. As Dr. Bailey explains in her blog post, Intertrigo: A Red Rash in the Skin Folds, the aspects of […]

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sun protection Sunscreens for summer

Which Is Safer: Zinc Sunscreen or a Tanning Bed? Find It Again Friday

Are you confused about all of the (often-conflicting) information on the best method to protect your skin from the sun? Wondering if you should be using zinc sunscreen or a sunblock spray? Do you think tanning beds are the safest way to get a tan? Then you need to check out this week’s Find It […]

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Brown Spots – Treatment and Prevention Tips: Find it Again Friday

Do you have dark brown spots that don’t seem to fade with time? Have you tried multiple skin care products to lighten your dark brown spots with no success? One of our readers asked recently how to remove or lighten their dark brown spots. During the summertime, often we see an increase or darkening of brown […]

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Bikini Wax Preparation Tips

Bikini Wax Preparation Tips: Find It Again Friday

  Last week we discussed how to get your feet ready for the summer weather, but another common summer ritual is the bikini wax. Bikini waxes are often painful and one of the beauty maintenance routines we dread. However, Dr. Bailey has put together bikini wax preparation tips to help lessen the pain in her […]

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Soft and Smooth Feet for Sandal Weather: Find It Again Friday

Do you have rough, thick skin on your heels that may be cracking? Are you too embarrassed to wear sandals because of the condition of your feet? Do you want to know how to get soft and smooth feet? I’m already starting to break out my sandals during these warm late-spring and early-summer days. However, when I […]

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