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Acne Diet – Nutritional Tips to Improve Acne: Find It Again Friday

Have you established an acne skin care regimen, but still have trouble with breakouts? Do you notice your acne breakouts fluctuate with changes in your diet? Although powerful topical acne products and prescriptions help to control and prevent acne, your dietary intake is another great and natural method to help your acne. As an acne sufferer, I notice how my skin responds to what [...]

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Skin Complexion: Top 3 Tips

What choices should you make that will have the biggest impact on your skin complexion this year? You’re bombarded with advice in the media, but what are the best things to do for your complexion? Here are dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s top three tips that will have the biggest impact on your complexion – focus [...]

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Back Acne – The 5 Step Plan of Attack

With the reformulated Foaming Zinc Cleanser back on our shelves, we thought a refresher on Foaming Zinc Cleanser uses would be helpful. For example, the Foaming Zinc Cleanser is a powerful skin care product for the treatment of back acne. For this week’s “Find it Again Friday” we are revisiting Dr. Bailey’s 5 steps to treat back [...]

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Youthful Skin

Dr. Cynthia Bailey Featured in “Wellness Today” on Hair Loss

Wellness Today, an online resource and affiliate of the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, featured Dr. Cynthia Bailey in their recent article: “7 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss“. Dr. Bailey details the various causes for hair loss in women ranging from medical conditions, medications and life-stress. Depending on the health-related cause of your hair loss, Dr. Bailey offers some [...]

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healthy hand skin

Do Antibacterial Soaps Kill Germs and Prevent Illness?

You’ve seen the claims on the over 2000 hand soaps and body washes.  These products tout themselves as “anti-bacterial”, but do they really work? We’re about to find out because as of this week the FDA is going to make antibacterial soap manufactures prove it!  It means that companies making these products will be required [...]

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arthritis and probiotics

Rheumatoid Arthritis Linked to Gut Germs

Can rheumatoid arthritis be caused by not enough good probiotic bacteria in your gut? It’s a seemingly wild leap, but a study just published in eLife suggests this is a plausible scenario. Researchers at the New York University School of Medicine found that patients with new-onset rheumatoid arthritis were more likely than other people to [...]

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