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Zinc Supplements and Acne Treatment

Zinc Supplements and Acne Treatment

  To continue on the same vein as last week, we are discussing alternate acne treatments. When medications or skin care products don’t seem to work, people often turn to other options, such as zinc supplements. One particular question Dr. Bailey is often asked from her patients and blog readers is “Do zinc supplements really […]

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Acne Treatment 411: Back to School Edition

Acne Treatment 411: Back to School Edition

Back to School Acne Treatment It’s that time of year again where teens and college students are heading back to school or already have started the first few weeks of school. As if students don’t have enough stress when heading back to school, acne is an additional stress for many students. If you are a student […]

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Intertrigo Prevention and Skin Care Tips

What Is Intertrigo? It is a red rash that develops in the skin folds. Generally, intertrigo will be found in deep folds, such those as under the breast, on the stomach, and in the arm pits. As Dr. Bailey explains in her blog post, Intertrigo: A Red Rash in the Skin Folds, the aspects of […]

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best diet to cure acne

What Do Cancer, Diet and Acne Have in Common?

  Today many teenagers and adults have acne. But, did you know that, for the most part, acne is a modern disease of Western industrialized countries? If you have acne, it may be our “evolved” Western diet that’s causing your pimples. It’s that same diet that also may be increasing your risk of getting cancer […]

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green smoothies for a better complexion

Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothies

I’m a dermatologist and I think green smoothies can be the fountain of youth for inner physical vitality – a vitality so strong that it radiates out into your complexion and energy level. That may sound crazy coming from me, a physician, but I’m saying it because I want you to hear it. I’m 55 […]

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sun bathing for vitamin D is it good?

Vitamin D and Sun Exposure

  Exposing your skin to the sun can turn it into a vitamin D factory – but is that a good idea?   You need normal to high-normal levels of vitamin D for optimal health. A number of diseases have been connected with low vitamin D levels (for a list see the Mayo Proceedings article […]

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