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Cooking for Health & Pleasure: Effective Cookware and Cutlery

With the holidays just around the corner, people are beginning to think about a food preparation since we all know food plays a leading role at this time of year. As a chef, I’ve been asked two cooking questions way more than any others: What kind (a.k.a. brand) of cookware do you use? What kind […]

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Dr. Bailey’s Guide to Eating Healthy for Beautiful Skin

Fact: Your complexion and your appearance reflect what you eat – for better or for worse. The secret to eating your way into beautiful skin is to build a foundation of healthy eating – like the foundation of a building or the base of a pyramid. When the foundation of your daily diet is healthy, […]

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Lemonade from Breast Cancer: Is It Really Possible?

People that I meet today have no idea of my recent breast cancer journey. I just don’t “look” like someone who has freshly been through what I’ve been through. In case you’re new to this site, I had months of “scorched earth” chemo followed by a series of big and painful surgeries and over 15 […]

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Alkaline-Friendly Sweet Potato Hash

The world is broken down into two kinds of people: those that think breakfast is strictly for morning fare and those that believe breakfast is good at any time of the day. Fortunately, this sweet potato hash recipe is a good fit for both: it’s simple and can be made in the morning or as […]

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Going Alkaline: Does It Really Help Cure Cancer?

Have you seen this question bouncing around the web? I’ve had breast cancer and carry the BRCA1 gene, making me susceptible to more horrible cancers, so believe me, I’ve looked at this question from the perspective of both a physician and a patient. As a cancer patient considering an alkaline diet, I have questioned: Does […]

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A Delicious Recipe that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle & Skin

Are you fed up with feeling sick from the foods you eat? Do you want a healthier, scientifically sound way to improve your diet? Dr. Bailey has discussed her recommendations for an alkaline diet in her blog on several occasions (here, here, and here), explaining how disease thrives on an acid diet and is hampered […]

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