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Going Alkaline: Does It Really Help Cure Cancer?

Have you seen this question bouncing around the web? I’ve had breast cancer and carry the BRCA1 gene, making me susceptible to more horrible cancers, so believe me, I’ve looked at this question from the perspective of both a physician and a patient. As a cancer patient considering an alkaline diet, I have questioned: Does […]

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A Delicious Recipe that Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle & Skin

Are you fed up with feeling sick from the foods you eat? Do you want a healthier, scientifically sound way to improve your diet? Dr. Bailey has discussed her recommendations for an alkaline diet in her blog on several occasions (here, here, and here), explaining how disease thrives on an acid diet and is hampered […]

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Garlic: The Toxin Fighter Superhero

When I was in cooking school, I remember stifling a yawn as my instructor said something like, “So, in garlic, alliinase modifies alliin into allicin, which is a potent antioxidant.” Um, what? How useful is that to me as a natural chef? Thankfully, she went on to explain the part I remember to this day, […]

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Pinterest Roundup: Tea Recipes to Boost Your Skin

You don’t have to be an Anglophile to love tea. Tea is a ubiquitous term that can refer to a hot or a cold beverage, to a non-caffeinated herbal or a highly caffeinated drink, or a brew made from full, ground, or blooming leaves that is ready anywhere from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. No […]

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Rosacea: Uncovering the Mysterious Skin Condition (Infographic)

Despite the fact that millions of Americans suffer from rosacea, the skin condition continues to be mysterious. If you are among these victims, you know what a challenge it can be to treat it. But, did you know there are four different types of rosacea? Did you know that certain lifestyle changes can help provide […]

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Healthy Habits to Teach Kids

It’s that time of year again where your kids are heading back to school or are already in school. Besides learning the regular course curriculum, one of the most important topics to teach kids is how to maintain their health at the same time they are balancing important responsibilities – like school! We know this […]

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