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The Mysteries Surrounding Rosacea

Rosacea impacts more than 16 million Americans, according to the National Rosacea Society (NRS). In fact, I am one of the million that deal with it. Still, most people don’t realize they have it. It’s a somewhat challenging issue since it is not entirely black and white in either the definition or treatment of it. […]

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3 Tips to Discover the Nutritional Magic in Red Bell Peppers (Yummy Recipe Included!)

Years ago, I wish someone had told me that green bell peppers are really colored ones that have not fully ripened. I would have had a happier tummy and been able to enjoy bell peppers more if I had known to avoid green bell peppers. These unripe peppers were the cause of days-long stomachaches with […]

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Why Fruit Infusions Make Your Skin Happy

Summer is here with its sun-drenched days and longer daylight hours. Kids have the summer to run free while parents and grandparents do their best to keep up with them. Whether you have kids or not, more sweating and losing electrolytes is almost a given this time of year. You can buy expensive, sugary energy […]

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Why Exercise Helps Kick Cancer’s A**

  Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another. That is why all of us are in the fight against cancer together. But on a personal level, there is another way to try to kick cancer’s “you know what:” EXERCISE!!! There is a reason we utilize organized half-marathons to raise money for […]

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3 Tips to Clear up Acne (Hint: It’s Your Diet!)

The fact is that some of the basic building blocks of our modern diet give you zits. Doctors and scientists are just starting to unravel the complicated biochemical and hormonal cascade that goes from what you just ate to the zit you wake up with tomorrow morning. We don’t know everything about diet and acne […]

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Get the Most Cancer-Fighting Power from Tomatoes

When I was shopping in the produce section the other day, I saw a bright sticker on the packaged tomatoes touting “tomatoes contain lycopene.” While this is true, it needs a little further explanation so that you maximize the benefit of this cartenoid. What is lycopene anyway? It’s a powerful phytochemical that is released and […]

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