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The Power of Soaking & Sprouting Grains & Seeds (Recipe Included!)

No matter who you are or where your ancestors came from, I bet someone in your family lineage once soaked and sprouted their grains and seeds before cooking. It was not only a common practice, but it was also common wisdom. I don’t know when this simple kitchen act fell out of favor in American […]

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What To Do When Dairy Isn’t An Option

In all of my years of cooking for clients (and myself), the most difficult and common challenge I have found is finding good dairy substitutes. Though many of my clients have problems of one type or another with dairy products, I still want to make them delicious meals that they will love. Even those little […]

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Want to Get Healthy? Volunteer!

When we talk about getting healthy, we’ll bring up topics like dietary habits or exercise. What we don’t usually talk about is volunteering. Building up your health and volunteering might seem like apples and oranges, but what we’ve learned through studies – and through experience – is that helping others really can make you healthier! […]

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Movies to Make You Move in a Healthy Direction (Recipe Included!)

Learning about a health-oriented approach to food doesn’t always have to be an intense exercise in studying. And, if you are like me, studying leads to worrying about understanding it all, and making the perfectly “right” decisions. When I start with a new “Cook-With” client (where we cook together, and I teach them the skills […]

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4 Must-Haves for a Flawless Complexion

  As a dermatologist, I am obsessed with finding the absolute best products and procedures to keep my skin young and healthy looking, and especially, to prevent skin cancer. I’ve been a perfectionist about my complexion all my life. On this mission, as a teen and young adult, I tried hundreds (maybe even thousands) of […]

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New Year’s Resolution Slump? Don’t Give Up! (Recipe Included)

Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be tough. It’s great to put a date on the calendar to start reaching for a goal that’s important to you, but it takes a great deal of willpower to stick to your plans when you have years of habits to change. Don’t give up though! Falling off the wagon […]

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