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Men’s Fall and Winter Grooming Tips: Face and Scalp Dandruff

Your skin changes with the seasons, which means that your skin care needs to as well. Have you noticed facial and scalp “dryness” in fall and winter? It’s really common to have flaky face and scalp skin as the winter sets in. What you may not know is that the flaking of your skin may […]

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Dandruff Treatments 411 – A Guide for Treating All Dandruff : “Find it Again Friday”

Last week we discussed how our Foaming Zinc Cleanser treats back and body acne. This week we want to cover dandruff treatments with our Foaming Zinc Cleanser as well as other powerful skin care products. Dandruff does not only apply to the scalp area, but can occur on your face, eyelash line, ears, and body. Dandruff treatments differ for each part of the body, as Dr. Bailey […]

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Foaming Zinc Cleanser Back in Stock

We have good news for those who have waited patiently for the return of our Foaming Zinc Cleanser: It is finally on our shelves again!!! The Foaming Zinc Cleanser has a new and improved formulation, but still has the same active ingredients to treat your body acne or scalp issues. The Foaming Zinc Cleanser is in different packaging as […]

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Ask a dermatologist a question about skin care on the internet

Skin Care Creams and Serums: How Do You Layer?

How Do You Layer Skin Care Creams and Serums? Dear Dr. Bailey, I love to read your blogs! Thank you for all the information you provide for us! I have an issue with how to apply moisturizer too…now my question is, how can you do this when you also have to apply serums like Hyaluronic […]

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How to Treat Flaky Facial Skin: Find it Again Friday

Recently, we had a valued reader ask about the correct order you should use Dr. Bailey’s products to treat flaky facial skin from seborrheic dermatitis/rosacea. The order that products should be used in a skin care routine can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially when prescription medications are also involved. However, Dr. Bailey has outlined the product order for facial dandruff […]

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How to Heal Psoriasis “Find It Again Friday”

Psoriasis has a tendency to flare up during the winter months because cold temperatures and dry heat aggravates this skin condition. However, there are methods to calm the symptoms of psoriasis and allow your skin to heal. Dr Bailey details several skin care and lifestyle tips to help heal psoriasis in her three-part psoriasis series.    In terms of skin care, Dr. Bailey stresses the importance of […]

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