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Why Coconut Oil Is Fantastic for Your Face and Hair

I’m a big fan of coconut oil for skin care. I chose to use it instead of the usual post-procedure ointments after a pretty deep facial laser procedure last month. My skin healed quickly and without any problems! This is a testament to the healing properties of coconut oil on damaged skin, if ever there […]

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How To Correctly Wash Your Face

Washing your face is the most basic step for any skin care regimen. However, the simple details of this task can trip you up. In order to make the most out of your skin care routine, it is necessary to understand how to wash your face effectively. If you don’t, the other steps of your […]

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Emergency Beauty Skin Care Kits

911 Beauty Skin Care Fix-It Kits!

An important part of my job as a dermatologist is to give my patients practical advice to help fix their unsightly skin problems. Skin problems cause more than just symptoms. They are actually beauty problems, too, because our appearance is very much impacted by our skin. To help alleviate some of the physical and emotional […]

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Skin Tips: How to Solve Rosacea & Facial Dandruff in Both Men & Women

Skin Tips: How to Solve Rosacea & Facial Dandruff in Both Men & Women

The need for a healthy complexion is universal. Both men and women share some of the most common skin problems like rosacea and facial dandruff. They also need an easy-to-use broad spectrum sunscreen as part of their daily skin care routine. And, both sexes also suffer from uneven pigmentation and wrinkles as they age. In my dermatology […]

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Men’s Fall and Winter Grooming Tips: Face and Scalp Dandruff

Your skin changes with the seasons, which means that your skin care needs to as well. Have you noticed facial and scalp “dryness” in fall and winter? It’s really common to have flaky face and scalp skin as the winter sets in. What you may not know is that the flaking of your skin may […]

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Dandruff Treatments 411 – A Guide for Treating All Dandruff : “Find it Again Friday”

Last week we discussed how our Foaming Zinc Cleanser treats back and body acne. This week we want to cover dandruff treatments with our Foaming Zinc Cleanser as well as other powerful skin care products. Dandruff does not only apply to the scalp area, but can occur on your face, eyelash line, ears, and body. Dandruff treatments differ for each part of the body, as Dr. Bailey […]

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