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When Cancer Meets Community

Life is a series of journeys up one hill (sometimes, a mountain) and down the other side. Some roads you choose, and some are chosen for you. One of the greatest things you have going for you in this life is that each one of the 7.4 billion people alive on this earth in 2016 […]

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Introducing New Instantly Luminous Facial Serum

I love this serum! It’s an exciting, advanced and yummy new product to add to your skin care routine. The name is Instantly Luminous because, for most people, it is. The technology creates an immediate change in the look, feel and hydration of your skin. The magic happens from the combination of both small and […]

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Understanding Hair Changes During Chemotherapy

Hair loss is one of the most emotionally painful parts of the cancer treatment experience for many. Nothing screams “I have cancer!” louder than a bald head and a face without brows and lashes. As a chemotherapy patient, I went through the horror of hair changes during chemotherapy first hand. As a dermatologist, I knew […]

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The New Natural Facial Toner Everyone Needs

My aestheticians have been making this toner by hand in small lots for our professional skin care treatments, and guess what? Now, we are sharing it! We love it, and know you will too. Deeply clean skin is prettier and a better base for absorbing the treatment products into your skin care routine.   Often, skin […]

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How to Treat Dry Nose from Chemo during the Holidays

Do you suffer from an itchy and dry nose? Do you know how to treat dry skin on your body but not your nose? Winter weather does not only dry and chap our hands, but it can also dry the skin inside your nose. Additionally, chemotherapy treatments have a tendency to cause dry nose intensifying […]

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The Most Common Form of Skin Cancer & What You Can Do about It

As unfortunate as it is, you likely know someone who currently has or has had skin cancer. Chances are, it’s been Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), which is the most common type of skin cancer. Here in our Northern California Dermatology office, we see a lot of people who have basal cell carcinoma. What is basal cell […]

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