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green smoothies for a better complexion

Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothies

I’m a dermatologist and I think green smoothies can be the fountain of youth for inner physical vitality – a vitality so strong that it radiates out into your complexion and energy level. That may sound crazy coming from me, a physician, but I’m saying it because I want you to hear it. I’m 55 […]

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finding peace and gratitude in the midst of cancer treatment

Breast Cancer BRCA Update from Dr. Bailey

  Hello Dear Blog Readers, I, my team here at Dr. Bailey Skin Care, and my family are so very happy to let you know that I am doing well and just finished a big part of the intense 9-month cancer treatment that has become almost a normal part of life for us – me […]

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Dr Bailey Breast Cancer and BRCA stories

Breast Cancer BRCA1 Mutation Journey Continues in March

Having dodged a big bullet with the excellent response of my hereditary and aggressive triple negative breast cancer and chemotherapy, I face yet another peril in March… I’m still basking in the glow of that great pathology report on my breast tissue and lymph nodes at the same time I’m moving forward with my BRCA […]

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Doctor's Visit

How to Get the Most From Your Doctor’s Appointment

  Have you been frustrated during a doctor’s appointment because it seems like your doctor is throwing a bunch of fast-paced information at you in a language you only partly understand? Does it seem like your doctor doesn’t always use your appointment time to focus on the concerns that are the most important to you? […]

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Dermatologist with BRCA Breast Cancer

Post-Breast Cancer Surgery Good News!

Dear Readers, At the end of last week, I received the best news from my medical oncologist: the tissue examination from my double-mastectomy breast cancer surgery on January 7th showed that all of the cancer cells had responded to the chemotherapy! There were no cancer cells left in either of my breasts and none found […]

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How to Treat a Dry Nose from Winter or Chemotherapy

The cold and dry air of fall and winter causes chapping of the inside of the nose for almost everybody. Chemotherapy also causes dry nose. That means that this fall and early winter I combined cold and dry weather with intensive chemotherapy treatments to win me a really dry and chapped nose! This skin problem […]

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