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Gratitude for My 12-Month Cancerversary

Dear Readers, This week marks the 1-year anniversary of my diagnosis of breast cancer (my cancerversary, if you will). I have so much to be grateful for, including the support of my web community, my patients, the doctors who have come in to help take care of my patients, my staff, my friends, my family, […]

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Chemotherapy Skin Problems – Preventing Skin Infections

Staying healthy is really important when you are on chemotherapy. One of the biggest – and most preventable – health problems for us chemo patients are skin infections. The skin is our biggest organ and it’s exposed to the outside world that is full of germs. As a dermatologist, I know that skin infections can […]

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green smoothies for a better complexion

Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothies

I’m a dermatologist and I think green smoothies can be the fountain of youth for inner physical vitality – a vitality so strong that it radiates out into your complexion and energy level. That may sound crazy coming from me, a physician, but I’m saying it because I want you to hear it. I’m 55 […]

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best sunscreens

Are Zinc Oxide Sunscreens Better?

  In my opinion, they are. Seeing patient after patient in my dermatology practice, I’ve seen this proven to me over the years. Why do zinc oxide sunscreens work so well? Zinc oxide particles in sunscreen sit invisibly on the surface of your skin bouncing the UV rays off like balls bouncing off of a […]

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sun hats from Dr. Bailey

Join Dr. Bailey’s Sun Protection Challenge and You Could Win!

Here’s Your Chance to Win $100′s Worth of Sun and Skin Care Products with Saving Up to 20% on Products that Keep Your Skin Healthy and Younger Looking Too Last day! (Now Closed) Dr. Bailey’s “Sun Protection Challenge” has weekly drawings and offers five different ways to enter and save until July 17th.   Summer […]

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finding peace and gratitude in the midst of cancer treatment

Breast Cancer BRCA Update from Dr. Bailey

  Hello Dear Blog Readers, I, my team here at Dr. Bailey Skin Care, and my family are so very happy to let you know that I am doing well and just finished a big part of the intense 9-month cancer treatment that has become almost a normal part of life for us – me […]

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