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Foot Calluses: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Calluses just aren’t attractive. There’s no way around it. In the winter months when your feet are hidden away in boots, they’re easy to ignore. Once summer rolls around, though, those thick and crusty calluses desperately need to be taken care of before you show them off to the world in cute, summery sandals. Here […]

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Roundup of Popular Cancer News and Events

Between the Internet, magazines, television, radio and so much more, media is everywhere these days. Despite this, it can be difficult to keep up with all the news and happenings going on, especially around a specific topic like cancer. For this reason, we decided to make things easier for you and put everything in one […]

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Why Exercise Helps Kick Cancer’s A**

  Everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another. That is why all of us are in the fight against cancer together. But on a personal level, there is another way to try to kick cancer’s “you know what:” EXERCISE!!! There is a reason we utilize organized half-marathons to raise money for […]

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Get the Most Cancer-Fighting Power from Tomatoes

When I was shopping in the produce section the other day, I saw a bright sticker on the packaged tomatoes touting “tomatoes contain lycopene.” While this is true, it needs a little further explanation so that you maximize the benefit of this cartenoid. What is lycopene anyway? It’s a powerful phytochemical that is released and […]

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3 Sneaky Foods That Can Contribute to Cancer

Cancer is tricky. It’s cunning, sometimes subtle, but it’s always dangerous. And today, it seems like just about everything can cause it. Due to all the conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to filter through the noise. The worst part is, like the sugar that companies slip into many foods, cancer-causing products are sneaky. It […]

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Dear Facebook: Please Stop Censoring Real Health Issues

Social media is nothing short of a miracle in my life for many reasons. Protecting important freedoms regarding it is important. 10 years ago I never would have believed I’d feel passionately about freedom of speech in social media. My cancer diagnosis and what I call my “emotional train wreck year” changed all that. Right […]

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