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Dr. Bailey Featured on How to be a Redhead Blog

Dr. Bailey was recently featured on one of her favorite blogs: How to be a Redhead. In the article, “You’ll Never Guess: The (Other) Best Natural Sunburn Remedy,” Dr. Bailey shares tips for natural skin care remedies for sunburns beyond aloe vera use. The secret ingredient for a natural sunburn remedy: CUCUMBERS!!! Before providing advice […]

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Beat the Summer Sun with the Best Sunscreen for You

Beat the Summer Sun with the Best Sunscreen for You

Do you stand at the wall of sunscreen in the store and wonder which type is right for you and your family? You are not alone! With all of the sunscreen brands and variations (and marketing), it could be tough to find the best sunscreen to protect your skin. In this week’s Find It Again […]

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Best Sunscreen: dermatologist tips about sunscreen

What Sunscreens Do Dermatologists Use Themselves?

 I’m often asked by patients, friends, and family members what sunscreen I use. I want to share my answer with you and tell you a little bit about my “sunscreen story” to help you understand why I’m such a sun protection advocate. The warm weather is here and sun protection is the single biggest step […]

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sun protection Sunscreens for summer

Which Is Safer: Zinc Sunscreen or a Tanning Bed? Find It Again Friday

Are you confused about all of the (often-conflicting) information on the best method to protect your skin from the sun? Wondering if you should be using zinc sunscreen or a sunblock spray? Do you think tanning beds are the safest way to get a tan? Then you need to check out this week’s Find It […]

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Ask a dermatologist a question about skin care on the internet

Skin Care Creams and Serums: How Do You Layer?

How Do You Layer Skin Care Creams and Serums? Dear Dr. Bailey, I love to read your blogs! Thank you for all the information you provide for us! I have an issue with how to apply moisturizer too…now my question is, how can you do this when you also have to apply serums like Hyaluronic […]

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Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care: Best Products for Busy Moms

Multitasking natural skin care products are big time savers for busy moms. The problem with most multipurpose skin care products is that they compromise results.   For example, I’ve never found a shampoo-conditioner or a body wash-skin moisturizer that ever did either job even remotely well by my criteria. It’s that “jack of all trades, […]

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