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How Can You Get Rid of Skin Sun Spots?

  Skin sun spots, also called solar lentigines (solar lentigo if it is just one spot) are common. In my dermatology practice, I am asked every day by my patients to help them fade or get rid of their unwanted sun spots. There are a number of “tricks” and tips that we use to do […]

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Bumps Under the Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Bumps Under the Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Among the many skin nuisances are tiny bumps under the eyes. These pesky bumps can be hard to remove depending on the cause. Considering how important eye contact is for interactions, it can add stress to this already frustrating issue. Dr. Bailey addresses this problem when she tackles a readers question regarding bumps under the eyes […]

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What Causes Sunspots on Skin?

Sunspots on skin, called solar lentigines, are due to sun exposure. They are flat brown spots that show up on the parts of your skin that have been exposed to the sun. Once you start getting sunspot on skin, expect them to darken and increase in number with every UV ray that hits your skin. […]

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Best Retinol Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin

Retinoids are quite possibly the best “fountain of youth” skin care ingredient second only to sunscreen. In my opinion as a dermatologist, retinoids really are worth adding to your skin care routine if you are serious about wanting the best anti-aging skin care. But, if you have sensitive skin you need to choose your retinoid carefully. […]

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Best facial summer skin care

Best Facial Skin Care Products for Summer

Your skin care needs to change with the seasons.  In the summer, you need your sunscreen collection immediately at hand.  But, what else can you use to prevent sun damage and keep your skin healthy?   Load it with antioxidants! Of course, you should do this by eating tons of fresh fruits and veggies that span the […]

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Zinc Oxide: End-of-Summer Skin Care Tips

Zinc Oxide: End-of-Summer Skin Care Tips

Have glowing, moist, soft skin as you enjoy the last of the languid, balmy days of summer. Exfoliate, get your golden glow safely, and keep up your sun protection to prevent a leathered, weathered complexion. For the best anti-aging protection of your skin, use broad spectrum sun protection with a trustworthy mineral zinc oxide sunscreen […]

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