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Dr. Bailey’s 5 Best Makeup Practices for Your Skin

  Have you ever been so tired at night that you went to bed without washing off your makeup and the next day your eyes felt gritty and your skin looked horrible?  Have you ever had trouble getting your trusted favorite makeup to look good on your skin? You use makeup to enhance your facial […]

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How To Correctly Wash Your Face

Washing your face is the most basic step for any skin care regimen. However, the simple details of this task can trip you up. In order to make the most out of your skin care routine, it is necessary to understand how to wash your face effectively. If you don’t, the other steps of your […]

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Emergency Beauty Skin Care Kits

911 Beauty Skin Care Fix-It Kits!

An important part of my job as a dermatologist is to give my patients practical advice to help fix their unsightly skin problems. Skin problems cause more than just symptoms. They are actually beauty problems, too, because our appearance is very much impacted by our skin. To help alleviate some of the physical and emotional […]

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Debunking Misconceptions of Skin Care

Ever had a friend share a skin care tip and wondered if it was true? Have you been following particular skin care practices but not sure why? While it’s early in 2015, we thought it would be useful to debunk common misconceptions of skin care. It’s easy to fall prey to magazine headlines that cater […]

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Men’s Acne Skin Care: The Movember Edition

Men’s Acne Skin Care: The Movember Edition

Why is Acne Skin Care a Concern for Men? Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is important for men to also consider their skin health during “Movember.” One skin care issue that troubles men is Acne, especially since testosterone increases oil production in your skin glands. The complication of men’s […]

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oily skin care tips

Oily Skin Care Tips: Make Oily Skin a Thing of the Past

Do you find that your face is shiny even though you are not hot and sweaty? If you wash your face to remove the greasy texture, is your face still somewhat greasy? Is it difficult to find products that do not make your skin even more oily and greasy?   If you answered yes to […]

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