Best Hand Moisturizer for Winter Dry Hands

Are your hands feeling dry yet? Usually by early fall, you can feel the subtle ...

skin care for sensitive skin

Common Skin Problems for Moms and Families With Sensitive Skin

If your family has sensitive skin, you need to be especially careful about the skin care products that are stocked in the household. I’m a dermatologist and mother and in my household, we all have sensitive skin.  I’m careful about the skin care products that are in every bathroom and next to every sink in [...]

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Anti-aging rosacea skin care

Know Your Options for Anti-Aging Rosacea Skin Care: Find It Again Friday

Do you have rosacea and have been searching for an anti-aging skin care routine? After a few phone call inquires regarding anti-aging rosacea skin care options, it is time to revisit Dr. Bailey’s blog post: Anti-Aging Skin Care Options for People with Rosacea. As Dr. Bailey notes, anti-aging skin care is especially tricky for rosacea-type [...]

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Best Under Eye Treatments including Retinol: Find It Again Friday

Have you tried countless skin care products to fix the dark circles or bags under your eyes, but found nothing seems to work? Are you at the point of considering surgery to fix your under-eye issues? Waking up to find dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes almost seems like an omen for the rest [...]

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Healthy Skin with glycolic acid skin care

Retinol For Your Skin: What’s So Great About It?

Retinol is a retinoid.  Retinoids are the vitamin A family class of agents.  Retinoids, in my experience as a dermatologist, are the most effective anti-aging skin care product ingredient short of sunscreen.   I’ve recommended topical retinoid skin care products to my patients for over 25 years and I’ve seen the anti-aging results over and [...]

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Acne Diet – Nutritional Tips to Improve Acne: Find It Again Friday

Have you established an acne skin care regimen, but still have trouble with breakouts? Do you notice your acne breakouts fluctuate with changes in your diet? Although powerful topical acne products and prescriptions help to control and prevent acne, your dietary intake is another great and natural method to help your acne. As an acne sufferer, I notice how my skin responds to what [...]

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Skin Complexion: Top 3 Tips

What choices should you make that will have the biggest impact on your skin complexion this year? You’re bombarded with advice in the media, but what are the best things to do for your complexion? Here are dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s top three tips that will have the biggest impact on your complexion – focus [...]

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