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Dr. Bailey Skin Care
Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey
7064 Corline Court #C
Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Cynthia Bailey, Local Dermatologist

About Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Sebastopol, CA dermatologist and skin care expert

Imagine if you had a close sister who was a dermatologist and skin care geek.

You could ask her the most embarrassing question like, "Why is my skin scaly" "How can I fix my zits" or "What can I do about my rosacea?" And she would tell you what to do in a way that didn't make you feel embarrassed. Or weird.

That's how my patients describe me - like a trusted sister. My name is Dr. Cynthia Bailey, I'm glad you've found me - and I'm ready to help you find your best and most healthy skin.

I've practiced dermatology in California for over 24 years and currently practice in my Sebastopol, CA dermatology office. I had acne as a teen, and as a fair-skinned, previously tanning-addicted native Californian, I started noticing wrinkles and sun damage in my mid 20s (like so many of us).

Back then, I was in my dermatology residency at the University of California, San Diego - it was the time when Retin A, gycolic acid and broad spectrum sunscreen were just beginning to get attention as the first effective products for meaningful skin rejuvenation.

I paid attention.

Soon after, I was on the full-time clinical teaching faculty at University of California San Diego Medical School. I also conducted laboratory research on the effect of sunlight on skin disease. Deciding to raise my young family in the 'country' I moved to the Northern California wine country and opened my Sebastopol, CA general and surgical dermatology practice in 1991 with an emphasis on skin cancer and healthy skin care.

Every skin care product I offer has been carefully tested on myself, my family and my patients over the years. I offer a very small line of affordable "must-have" products that solve problems like rosacea or acne, or that help rejuvenate the skin, and they get real results. If it doesn't work, I don't offer it. It's as simple as that.

For me, being a dermatologist is just plain fun - and I feel blessed that I get to do what I love. I have patients of all ages and both genders who bring me a wide range of skin problems that I can fix. My patients share inner frailties regarding their body image and consider me a 'safe place' to ask for help. I get to neaten up the part of them everyone sees, improving their appearance in our appearance-driven world. Plus, I get to write about my passion on my skin care blog and talk about it in magazines, newspapers and other media.

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I learn a lot about life from being included in a small part of my patients' lives - and yours, too. Thank you for the opportunity.

Dr. Cynthia Bailey, Dermatologist
Dr. Cynthia Bailey Skin Care
Sebastopol, CA

Here's a bit more about my dermatology background and the professional organizations I am involved with:

1. Graduate of Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans.

2. Member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

3. Diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology.

4. California Medical Association (member of the Board of Trustees 2000-2003, Member of the House of Delegates 1993-2003.)

5. Sonoma County Medical Association (President elect and President 1998-2000-, member of the Board of Trustees 1996-2000, Creator and Co-Chair of the Sonoma County Health Care Summit 2001-2003.)

6. Board of Trustee and Committee member on numerous Sonoma County health care organizations since 1991.

7. Staff privileges to practice at 3 Sonoma County hospitals: Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, Sutter Hospital and Palm Drive Hospital.

What My Patients Say

"People from everywhere know Dr. Bailey and many would like to get into her practice but her practice has been full for years. She's known as the dermatologist you can't get into unless you have friends or family already in the practice who can ask her for you.
RG 2010

"We like Dr. Bailey! We live over 2000 miles away but there just isn't a dermatologist like her there so we keep coming back to Sebastopol and that's the bottom line. She's so real."
SG & DG 8/09

"Dr. Bailey found a melanoma on my leg and I still don't know how she figured out it was bad when my legs are covered with freckles. I didn't even come in for something on my legs, she just found it. I feel like she saved my life."
CM 2011

Every time I tell someone about the surgery on my face they look and they can't find the scar. I say, hey man, I have a specialist, and she knows what she is doing!"
FW 9/09

"My friend who used to come here and moved out of state said, 'I just can't find a dermatologist here like Dr. Bailey.'"
SB 2009

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